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We created this online Artist Store in April of 2023. The artwork that Z Bar Designs creates is stunning, to say the least. The image above is the piece of artwork we purchased from their collection. It is called “Tiny Charm”. Please check out Z Bar Designs at

My name is Kim Dove and I own a creative art business named Z Bar Designs. My business is specific to people who want to honor the beauty and power of the horse.

I have collected and repurposed horseshoes of every size and shape, including Draft horses, ponies, and mules.

I clean them and begin the process of embellishment with gems from Mother Earth, wire of all colors, and barbed wire as well. I then “trick” them out and secure them onto a piece of Mesquite wood from Tumacácori Sawmill or a piece of barn wood from the famous Mescal Movie Set (with permission).

My belief in talismans is obvious when you see how each custom-designed horseshoe is unique and created with a specific agenda in mind for people who want to “feel” a connection again with horses, nature, and Mother Earth. It is also my belief that humans really want to have a “calling” if you will; to get grounded again.

When I began this creative outlet with horseshoes, it originally was an idea of having people hang the horseshoe the correct way! There are different beliefs about the “luck” involved when hanging one. Some people believe that the open part should be hanging down so luck can pour out to you. And some people believe that the open part ought to be open to the sky so luck can pour into you!

I liked the later belief as to how can one ever have enough luck or fortune in their life. I created them to be hung this way as a symbol of prosperity. When they are layered with elements of Mother Nature and jam-packed with energy, you can feel this and use it to your advantage for a source of focus in your home, in your garden area or patio, on your barn or garage, or even a space that you practice gratitude in.

I hope that you will find just the right one for you, a family member, or a friend. I guarantee you will never find a more beautiful embellished horseshoe anywhere~

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